About Me

Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell, it’s essential that you have the right agent in your corner. I’m Kevin Mayer, and I’ve lived in Phoenix’s Northwest Valley for the past 12 years. I’m a licensed REALTOR® and have been helping clients here for 14 years. I am known for producing fantastic results and have remained in the top 2% of local professionals currently working. It’s my mission to provide my clients with an exciting, stress-free, and successful real estate experience. If you choose me as your real estate agent, I’ll be sure to give you personal attention and offer the knowledge you need to find a home for a fair price or to sell your property quickly. You can count on me to be diligent, honest, and respectful during each phase of your transaction.

Regardless of your goals for traversing the local market, it’s crucial to go into it with all the things you need to be successful. That includes having an agent who will not only show you homes or list your house in the typical places but will go the extra mile and help you overcome competition. Buying a house or selling one can become a full-time job if you consider all the step and time needed. That’s where my services are invaluable. I have the time to devote to searching and listing because it is my job! Get in touch with me today, and we’ll schedule a free real estate consultation. I look forward to working with you.